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Digital Marketing & IT Solution
PPC management on SEM search engine

Our web marketing team has proven expertise in buying keywords on Google AdWords and Bing. The campaigns they design are made according to the rules and respect the best practices required by the search engines.

PPC Management on SMM Social Media:

All social media offers some form of advertising that businesses can buy to reach their customers. Some of these social media, such as Facebook, allow to target extremely precisely customers to whom it is possible to present models of advertising adapted to their context.

CRO and optimization of the conversion rate of a website:

In web marketing, the conversion rate is a data that really matters. It represents the percentage of visitors to a website who become prospects or customers. It is from this data that a company can calculate the return on investment of each dollar spent on web development and web marketing.

SEO optimization and SEO on page / off page:

Our web marketing team writes SEO-optimized content "on page / off page" and educates clients on the best ways to write texts that will have a positive impact on visitors and meet the demands of search engines.