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Several financing options are available to an established business for designing its new website, developing a digital strategy or creating a mobile application.
project financing
Funding for your Web project:

There are several financing options for an established business to design their new website, develop a digital project, or create a mobile app. There are also solutions for newcomers and entrepreneurs who want to launch a new idea or application on the Net.

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC):

The Business Development Bank of Canada offers a financing program for existing businesses who desires to invest in a digital / technology project. Approval is almost instantaneous and the interest rate is more advantageous than regular loans from BDC.

Futurpreneur Canada Program:

If you have an innovative and amazing Web business project or want to launch a new product or service, Futurpreneur Canada can provide you with the funding you need.


AriaNet occasionally engages as a sponsor in various Web projects for non-profit organizations (NPOs) in community services.


AriaNet is involved as an investor and partner in web-based business projects and platform directly web-related. We are interested in financing innovative and forward-thinking Web projects.